Monday, March 30, 2015

The drawing!

Thank you to all of you that donated to help bring Avery home during the mini iPad fundraiser!

The numbers were entered into the random number generator and number 62 was selected!

Then number 62 was matched to the list of givers! The winner is:

Congratulations Brandon Yarbrough! Oops, sorry I typed your name wrong on the master list! I just now noticed it! 

Thanks again to all that donated!

Until next time . . .

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Where are we?

I have completed all the home study education requirements and have one last interview with the social worker; that should wrap up the home study.

The next step?
The I-800a and more fingerprints!

Our LL social worker is in China and I hope she was able to spend sometime with Avery. Meagan was going to deliver our photo album, get an update and a few photos.

We are way behind on our fundraising in light of what we will need to travel to China. Our current fundraiser is the Mini-iPad. The drawing for this iPad will be March 30th. 

There will be a REAL winner. Each entry receives a number for each $5.00 donated. I will send you an email or FB message with your numbers. The winning number is selected electronically via a random number computerized program. I will match the number to the list and the winner will be notified. 

Once a winner is selected and I verify their mailing address the mini iPad will be ordered and shipped from Apple.

Emma B. won the iPad during my first adoption and Kelly N won the Mini iPad during my second adoption fundraiser.

There is another agency payment due once the home study is complete. This payment is over $3000.00!

To those that have contributed, thank you! Your gifts are appreciated more than I could possibly express! You are making the difference to one very special little girl!

Until next time . . .

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Journey's day!

March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, 
Journey turned 14! 

While I was busy sending a couple packages the girls had fun with my phone!

On our way  . . .

Eat and Bowl!
Three games of bowling plus a meal!

Just  to show we are real, Mackinley was upset by something one of her sisters said and it shows in these photos!

Teens! One minute upset and the next minute okay!

If you zoom in you can see our scores!

Time for cake and ice cream

Journey wanted a chocolate cake this year!

I accidentally had her gift delivered to my parents house instead of mine!

It's a child's size and comes with a chord buddy. I thought the smaller size might make it easier for Journey to learn. This guitar comes with an instructional CD and song book.

Please don't forget about our mini iPad fundraiser. Each 20.00 donated earns 4 entries into the mini iPad drawing! Drawing, March 30th!

Working to bring our girl, Avery home!

Until next time