Friday, August 1, 2014

I love you!

School in underway which leaves little extra time for this mama! I'm sure those that home school can relate! I'm not complaining as I would have it no other way!

This new year is off to a good start. The material is "hard" yet doable and I am already seeing a lot of success! After two days, I know which subjects they like and which ones they aren't to fond of!

This is a photo of the table this morning! One of the girls always prepares for her first lesson the night before.

Journey and Eden have appointments with Dr. Grant on August 21st. I'm thankful to be referred to one of the best reconstruction/plastic guys in the state. I've seen his work first hand and I am more than impressed!

Next weeks the girls will experience another first! I am taking to the Alabama Shakespeare Theater to see, Mary Poppins! 

This production has been extended twice due to the high demand for tickets! I can't wait, this should be a lot of fun for all of us! 

Yesterday, I discovered a bleeding mole on my back. I have made an appointment to have it removed. Please pray that it isn't anything serious. Thanks!

Last night as one of the girls was leaving the room I was in turned and said, I have three words for you, she went on to say, I love you! Bonding continues step by step and I cherish each of these moments!

That's all our news! 

Until next time . . .

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shakes, Fruit, and Books!

I have been reminded by my biggest blog fan, my dad, that I haven't updated in a while! This update is for you dad, (love you bunches)!

Yesterday, we completed our 50 states and capital study. All the girls were successful on their final test and we celebrated with a promised trip to DQ! Three of the girls selected vanilla milk shakes while the other wanted a frozen fruit drink.

This past weekend on the way home I stopped by a roadside fruit stand. The girls sampled peaches, tomatoes and mangos. I have received multiple thanks for the watermelon we purchased! It is the simple pleasures that make us happy!

Sunday we made an appointment for Journey to see the on-call pediatrician for her ear. I'm thankful for an office that is open for emergencies on the weekends. While her situation wasn't a real emergency they wanted to check her out d/t the fact that she hears only from one ear.

Today Eden, Journey and Mackinley have an appointment with a plastic surgeon for their various special needs. Little by little we are tackling each of the things that can be made better, although I love the girls exactly the way God made them.

** Update** 
Eden and Journey are being referred to Dr. Grant in Birmingham as their needs are considered complex and need the attention of someone that specializes in cleft and ear reconstruction. 

Photos were taken of all the girls and we are waiting to see if insurance will pay for Mackinley's ears. Please join me in praying that she will be approved. Otherwise her surgery will be considered cosmetic and I will have to pay for everything. Thanks!

Last week was an extremely busy week. I was working on finishing up my information for my appointment with my accountant. Yes, I had to file an extension due to the fact that I didn't have two of the girls social security numbers. I'm happy to say I had my appointment and next week I'll pick up the completed forms.

In the middle of that, boxes and boxes of home school materials came in.

I made them stop long enough for a photo and interrupted Kendall's play with the puppies hence the less than happy looks on their faces!

Let the organization begin!

I had to purchase an extra self to hold all the manuals!

All the teacher tools push their DVD's ended up on this shelf. The red, green, yellow and blue notebooks are the girls test and answer key books. Each girl picked their favorite color! 

Keeping in mind the girls various backgrounds and learning levels we are "attempting" to do complete grades this year. One is in 2nd, for continued learning and reinforcement of the core facts! We want her set up for success! Two of the girls are tackling 5th grade along with the Gavin, and the last is working on 6th grade materials.

I'm thankful for this shelving unit that holds each of the girls books. A lower cabinet in this shelving unit holds the girls DVD players and supply caddies. I long for a dedicated home school room but until that time I will be thankful for my storage options.

We have schooled throughout the summer and this week we will have no written assignments. Nightly reading will remain on the agenda!

Attachment is an ongoing process for all the girls. I see positive signs some days and less than positive signs for one. Praying that God will mold her heart and show her she can trust me and that she doesn't have to rely on herself all the time. 

The future holds possible surgery for three girls, braces for one, and a school year that will be a push everyone to their maximum! I am convinced each is up to the task yet open to making whatever changes along the way as the need presents itself!

While the future is unknown, we know the one that holds the future and we place our hope and trust in Him!

Until next time . . .

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fun times!

July 4th, 2014
We enjoyed the afternoon and evening with Jimmy, Jordan, Jackson and Kayte. This was Mackinley and Eden's first fourth! Gavin joined us for the festivities while his daddy worked!

The girls waited in line forever for their balloon! Kendall chose an orange bear, the boys selected balloon swords, the other three girls had double heart balloons.

The evening ended with a wonderful fireworks display! The first for all four girls in the US! They loved it!

I borrowed the fireworks photos from the City of Auburn FB page as when the fireworks started, Kayte was asleep in my arms and I wasn't able to take photos. I'm happy to have these as they are far better than anything I could have taken.

It was wonderful having the weekend off from both jobs. The girls wanted to go bowling! We played with the bumpers and boy did I need them!

I had to take this photo, if you look closely this little diva kept her pink purse on her left shoulder while she bowled! It was just too cute not to share!

The next activity for the day was a visit to Paint and Clay. It's been a while since our last visit and needless to say, the girls had fun painting their chosen piece!

We snapped this photo before heading over to Auburn to go to church with Jimmy and Jordan.

We had a full wonderful weekend! I'm thankful that God allowed me to bring these treasures home!

Until next time . . .