Monday, December 15, 2014

Progress and it is beginning to look like Christmas!

To those that have given to help bring Addison home, thank you! I am humbled by your generosity and love. 

Thursday, Matthew and I went to get our fingerprints at the local sheriff's department. The officer/clerk helping us was friendly, kind and hated having her photo taken as much as me, yet she consented! I wanted this remembrance to share with Addison. 

While there we had to wait in the hall between my prints and Matthew's for them to print a young man in handcuffs! He was being escorted by two guards so we gladly stepped out for them to process him!

If you have followed me through the years you know I have a knack for tripping and falling! Yep, it happened again as we stepped out from the Sheriff's Office. I'm not sure what happened other than my foot seem to get stuck and down I went. Matthew helped me up and one of the officers inside came out to see if I was okay. If you are the agency reading this, please disregard this, I really am fit as a parent despite my tendency to be not so graceful! I have a small abrasion on my elbow and it is rather bruised! 

The good news, the finger prints cards will be delivered this morning! Also being delivered today is a huge stack of paperwork for the agency! Wednesday, we will be visited again by my social worker for our 2nd home study visit! Slowly but surely things are happening!

Guess what? This week a package is being delivered to our home with clothes for Addison! A sweet blog follower wanted to bless our girl and us and I beyond excited to see what she selected! I will certainly be sharing on a future blog post so stay tuned! Isn't God good?

We have a "Charlie Brown" tree this year. Our old tree  died last year and I wanted something small and cheap for this small space in the living room! We scaled back with the decorating this year too! It is kind of nice and the girls are happy. 

The wood block Nativity on the mantle was made by my parents years ago. It holds a special place in my heart and this year I featured it on the mantle. Yes, that is the elf sitting next to the baby Jesus. He stayed there many days as I kept forgetting to move him! When asked, I told the girls that he just wanted to love Jesus a little longer! Next year there will be one more stocking to hang! Yeah!

I think this will be our last week of school for this year. I haven't shared this with the girls. They will be surprised when I tell them! They have worked hard this first semester and I'm so proud of them!

Until next time . . . God is faithful!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why adopt again?

Today, I am thankful for heat! Night before last we were without and it was rather nippy in here! One of the advantages of living in the South, while cold it wasn't freezing! 

At an age when my peers are retiring or semi-retiring, I am adding to my family! The world would tell me, you are too old, you have done enough, let someone else do the adopting, you don't have the money (that one is true), and four is enough and to some four is too many! Why they ask?

Why? I'll tell you why! When God opens your eyes to the needs of the orphan you can never pretend that it doesn't exist. You see, I have gotten to know four wonderful girls that would not have had a chance in this world had they not be adopted.

Their education would have stopped, they would be forced out of their orphanages onto the streets if there were no positions for them or be condemned to live in an institution the rest of their lives. 

Can you imagine attempting to make your way in the world without training or an education in a place that considered you bad luck because you were an orphan? What about the predators that lurk about to take advantage of these innocent young girls?

Everyday girls all across China age out and it breaks my heart that they will never know the love of a family! The love of Jesus and what HE did for them. I believe that as I age, I am not to rest back and let someone else do the work, no God isn't through with me. His plan for my life is to open my home to these beautiful girls. That is why I adopt and feel clearly that God has called me to bring one more treasure home from China.

Adoption is expensive! Is it worth it, yes! I know that not everyone is called to adopt, but I do know that we are all called to care for the orphan. I get the blessing part of caring for the orphan, I get to love, know and teach my girls. The blessing far outweighs any hardship! 

Would you consider coming along side me and help me bring this last child home? She wants to come and she wants a family. All of her friends have been adopted and she has been left to wait.

I know that this is a difficult season to be asking for assistance, yet I ask not for me but for this treasure that wants a family of her own.

Right now, I have two avenues of giving, the donate button on this blog and a gofundme account. I'm sure my agency would accept money toward my adoption as well, Lifeline Children's Services. 

Thank you!

Friday, December 5, 2014

This is hard!

Adoption is a roller coaster of emotions, if you have walked this road you know exactly what I'm talking about, especially if you have had to step out in faith for the funds to bring your waiting treasure home.

Having adopted 4 girls in the last two and one-half years has left my saving pretty much depleted, even with the fundraising and adoption credit. The first credit was used to adopt again and the second credit was used to pay off some adoption debt and put braces on Mackinley's teeth. Who knew that God would ask me to adopt again, certainly not me!

I know that God equips those he calls, yet it is during this time of having to walk by faith that I begin to think this is how Peter must have felt as he was sinking deeper and deeper into the water. Looking at the amount due and the current funds on hand has me questioning, did I hear you, Lord? Yes, the waves of this storm have all but blocked my view of my Savior and his mighty ability to save and provide!

Just as Peter was saved from certain death when he called upon the Lord, I too will do the same! I am nothing, and I cannot do this without his help, provision and guidance. I commit myself once again to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and I resolve to trust him to make a way!

This I know, my God loves orphans and he loves Addison and he wants her here to call his own. I pray that one day she will come to know him as her Lord and Savior just as her waiting sisters did after their arrival home.

The girls know that I'm not married and we were talking about why I work two jobs. I explained that if I had a husband then I would work one job or perhaps be a stay at home mama, but for now that was not God's plan for me. Eden said, when God closes a door her opens a window. He closed the door for a husband but he opened a window for us. How profound! I told her that was exactly right!

I need approximately $1500 more dollars to make this agency payment and that amount just seems impossible to me but not to my God. Would you join me in praying this amount in so that I can move forward with this adoption?

To those that have given, thank you. I pray that God will richly bless you in return. While I don't always understand how God works, this I know, his ways are higher than mine!

Praying, Expecting, Believing!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Adoption from hard places

Lately, my girls have connected with many of their China friends that have been adopted throughout the US. While this has been good in many ways, it brings about comparisons that I detest!

Most of their friends went right into public school on or near the grade they had completed in China, thus making them much further along than my girls. I keep telling them it is about the education they are getting and their ability to read and comprehend than a certain grade level.

It is especially hard for my girl that came from the hardest of places. She compares herself with her friends and sisters and knows that she is behind them. I keep reminding her about how much more she knows now than when she first came home and that is what counts.

While all four girls had similar beginnings that is where their stories change. Can you imagine growing up where there was little to no heat in the winter, one serving of food (That is if you ate it fast enough so the nanny didn't take yours away to give to her favored child)? Being so hungry that you looked in the trash for more? Being physically abused and being sent to the hospital with a bleeding head injury? Never being taught manners, social graces, and never having toys, clothing or anything for that matter to call your own. Sadly, that is the beginning for one of my girls. 

A visit to the orphanage is eye opening and allows you an opportunity to glimpse into the daily life of your child. A most in my book. While I do not appreciate the nanny that was so hard on my child, I know this orphanage did the best they knew to do with the limited funds they had to run their facility and the social stigma's that are so real in this land.

My girl cannot be compared or expected to be like the others as she has had to learn everything, it is just like getting a new born baby in a preteen body. Guiding, teaching, loving her through each developmental phase of growth. The leaps and bounds this child has made is remarkable, yet she continues to compare herself. What makes this hard is that she knows she is different from those with easier beginnings, not that you can call being abandoned an easy beginning.

I guess my point is this, if you have adopted more than two or are adopting two you cannot expect them to be in the same place despite their similar beginnings. Where they lived and how they were treated plays a significant roll in where that child is today. In fact, you cannot expect two children in the same orphanage to be alike as again the role of the adults in the place and their interest or lack of interest in your child will determine a lot about how your child relates and attaches.

A hard beginning does not mean that your child will not attach. This girl was ready for a family and love and has bonded quicker and better than some of her sisters.

Praying that God will let her be at peace with where she is and that she will know just how special she is to me and those that meet her!

Adoption news, I have a Vicky's ThirtyOne Adoption Fundraiser going on on FB, a way to Christmas shop and help brings Addison home. Also if you are looking for something for yourself, family, or teacher, check out Organicaly Yours Body Products, for each $20 you spend she will donate $5 to my adoption fund, you must mention my name with your order for me to get the donation. Thanks!

I'm hoping to hear from the agency today to get the first home study visit going. That's all my news for now!

Until next time . . .

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thankful! Photo overload!

The big kids had plans, one was working and the other was spending the day with her in-laws, where she and her children are dearly loved!

The girls and I headed to Dothan to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner with the family.

Emma Butler
Shery's daughter

Phyllis Salt
Don's Mom from Miami

Jennifer Garrett
Robin's daughter

Haleigh, Ryan and Jameson Lund
Diana's children

Bobie with her first grandson, Asher
and Asher's parents!
Robin's first grandson

Three of my four treasures!

Robin's husband, Kim and their daughter Amy

Jameson Lund, Diana's son

Jim Lund and his daughter, Ryan
Sister Diana's oldest daughter
Shery with her first grandchild, Kaden and Mom

Ethan and his son, Kaden
Aaron and his son, Asher
Matthew and his son, Abrahem

Aaron, Cortney and Asher
The Kendall Family
Shery Butler, Vicky Simpson, Robin Meeker, Dad, Mom,
and in the back Bobie Salt and Diana Waller

Beth, Ethan and this son Kaden
Grandma Salt (Don's Mom)
The Salt Family
Asher, Cortney, Aaron
Bobie and Don
Justin and his friend Kaylyn


Kendall, Jennifer and baby boy Garret to be,
Abrahem and Matthew Garrett

Four generations together celebrating our thankfulness to God for his many blessings! A treasured time for one and all!

Friday morning, now a three year tradition, we met with the most precious family! Kendall's best friend from Huainan was adopted by Amanda and her husband Brandon! The girls love their time together and Amanda's mom, Cynthia, always has a special bead craft for the girls to do! She and her husband treated us to lunch after the girl's craft!         

Huainan sisters!
FuBing and Huai XiaSong
Phoebe and Kendall

Our evening ended with the play, A Christmas Carol!

Until next time . . .