Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Busy days of fun!

Last week the girls mentioned that it was a holiday in China! The Dragon Boat Festival! They told me that the dragon boats are raced and that a special food is also enjoyed on this day!

We were out of our Chinese noodles and stopped by Mr. Chen's to restock. The girls were so excited when they saw that rice dumplings were being sold that day! The very food that is typically eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival!

We were in the car and the gentleman at the register came running out of the store to give us the Chinese candy! One for each of us! Free! Wasn't that nice?

This is what the rice dumpling looked like out of its wrapper! It was a rice and pork dumpling! The girls so enjoyed this special treat! I loved that we could celebrate this Chinese tradition!

I moved to Alabama at the age of 14 and for years traveled past The Pioneer Museum of Alabama, multiple times a week! I found a Groupon so the girls and I stopped for a visit! In the military depot Mackinley found this cutout of George Bush and she moved him out for a group photo!

Next up we visited the locomotive, those that know Avery know she wasn't content to have her photo taken in the usual place, nope, she climbed out and up to the top! No fear for this one!

Don't ask me why Kendall isn't smiling! She was happy that day! I guess I just didn't catch her at a good time!

Next Avery had to ring the bell! 

I love this "adorable" photo of Journey!

Eden, Journey and Avery ran down to this outdoor stage! Kendall took their photos!

It was really hot and humid the day we visited! I enjoyed watching from afar! Mackinley hung back with me.

Mackinley and Eden taking selfies on the covered bridge!

I think the girls had as much fun taking their own photos as they did seeing the sites!

Eden and Journey have become very close! They are so funny together!

Avery and Journey were walking ahead of us when she took this one of our group!

Journey has the map in her hand! If you know Journey this doesn't come as a surprise!

As you can see from this photo, they had many old farm tractors and plows on the grounds.

We took one quick photo in the school room. It was way to hot to stay in there to long!

This was our next stop! 

I had wanted to get a photo of the girls, it was way to busy and I forgot! So we did the next best thing, a photo at home with our peaches and what was left of our homemade ice cream!

We recently visited Paint and Clay! Miss Karen had purchased a special item for the girls to paint. Panda spoons!

Once they finished their spoons they each painted another small piece! Kendall painted two small dog bones one with Chole's name and the other with Zoe's name.

The girls always have such a good time and Miss Karen loves the girls!

Mackinley did a beautiful job on her cross!

Mackinley did the pink spoon, Kendall did the "brown bear" spoon, and Eden in the Panda Ray spoon. Ray is the name of the Chinese actor she likes!

Journey did the blue spoon and Nic is the name of the actor she likes!

Finally, Avery's spoon made it to the photos. She did a stripped spoon and you guessed it, Yang is the actor she likes!

Kendall's work on top. Finally, all their pieces together!

My sister, Shery has lived in Gulf Shores for the last seven years. We took a day to go and visit her! It was a wonderful day and visit! We couldn't stay as we didn't have anyone to watch the dogs!

It is a three hour drive from our home to Gulf Shores! Kendall sat in the front seat on the way down and she took this photo for me! We left at 5 am, and it didn't take long for the girls to nod off!

A quick group photo before heading out to breakfast!

Shery is so much fun and loves the girls much! Shery is the sister that traveled with me when I adopted Kendall and Journey!

One last serious photo!

Breakfast was at Tacky Jack's! A quick photo to document the moment!

It was a rainy type morning so we visited a trampoline place where the girls enjoyed an hour of fun!

They are in the dodge ball area! They didn't stay in there too long! To many other fun things to do!

Before heading home we had lunch at Lulu's! 

It was nice watching the boats go up and down the canal as we ate.

Just across the canal from Lulu's was Tacky Jacks! They had huge breakfast sandwiches that the girl's really enjoyed!

Today, Eden visited Dr. Waite! She will go back in a year to discuss dental implants!

While in Birmingham we visited Fourroux Prosthetics, Mackinley met Tess! Like Mackinley, Tess has a congenital birth defect. She has had a prosthesis since infancy! I cannot think of a more perfect person to help Mackinley as she transitions into her device!

Today, is my Dad's birthday! We called him early this morning as we headed to Birmingham and sang, "Happy Birthday" to him! 

I have one more day off and I haven't decided what the girls and I will do, we have tried to pack in as much as possible on the days we've had to make our mini-vacation as fun as possible!

Until next time . . .