Sunday, February 23, 2014

LWB decision impacted one life . . . my child's!

I am thankful for Love Without Boundaries (LWB)! They came to an orphanage in China and started a Believe in Me School. My child was moved, along with many others, to this orphanage with the Believe in Me School, thus opening up to her and the others a chance for an education!

While her file in China wasn't entirely accurate, this move was not documented nor were the facts surrounding her abandonment. What we do know, she had a number not a name at her first location. She has shared that she was very afraid at this first location. Not only did LWB offer my child a chance at an education it rescued her from an extremely bad situation.

Her new orphanage while better was poor and lacked various essentials. Many of the children from the second orphanage left special nannies behind when adopted, known as "China mama's," my child did not. It saddens me that she did not know the love of a China mama or any mama for the first 12 years of her life. If only they could have looked past her stutter to see her heart. They would have come to know the most beautiful caring child, a child raised in the worst of environments that possesses a heart to share and help!

My child tells of having to use the bathroom outside, and digging through the trash to find scraps of food due to hunger. She also tells stories of being kept awake all night as punishment. She remembers being hit in the head and taken to the hospital for sutures. She tells of her food being taken away and watched as it was given to a dog!

She is happy to be in the US with a family! She has told me that she is happy and that she doesn't miss China. 

What amazes me is this child's heart! Despite her beginnings, she loves, she cares, and she is learning! This child strives to make 100's on her spelling test, she writes a number line every day to ensure she gets her math problems correct! While knowing hunger, she does not hoard food. She ensures that all her sisters get enough to eat.

Life with a family makes a difference! She stood soldier stiff when first hugged she now expects hugs and "I love you" when I leave for work.

Love Without Boundaries made a difference. While her life was far from perfect at this second location, she escaped a far worse environment. I am thankful that her file was submitted for adoption and that God opened the door for me to adopt her.

This child has bonded the best of all four girls. A child from a very hard place loves and receives love, what a blessing! The good news, your beginning does not defined your ending! 

LWB's decision to come to this small poor orphanage changed one child's life and I am forever grateful for the chain of events that occurred with their arrival to a place that needed the love and support they offer.

Until next time . . . I trust you, Jesus.


  1. I didn't know she was in one of our programs!! I am a foster care coordinator :) I hope you were able to get any pictures/info we have!!

  2. Tears, both happy and sad for your daughter. This testimony needs to be told! It doesn't always "make sense" which children have troubles attaching and which don't. My son, adopted at 9 1/2 had no problems, my daughter adopted at age 2 1/2 is a work in progress. Both came from nearly identical good situations.

  3. Soooo happy to hear this story of a positive change for the life of your child! This is the best blog story I've read today! Thanks for sharing!

  4. So thankful her life was changed! What a sweet girl she is. Praise God for keeping her heart soft through so many trials. I hate hearing how hard her life was before, but am so thankful for her life now :)