Thursday, February 20, 2014

My God provides!

Tuesday evening, I noticed the dreaded tickle in my throat. I know have a cough, sinus headache, plus I'm tired! Ugh! I just don't have time for this!

Yesterday, after work I loaded up the girls and headed to the social security office to apply for their cards. It was a rush to get there and they were closed! They close at 12 on Wednesdays! 

Then we were off to run a few errands! We stopped by the ophthalmologist office to pay a $5.00 bill that insurance didn't cover. Then on to the orthodontist office to drop off a disc of Eden's x-ray from Dr. Waite and purchase the mouth rinse Journey uses.

Then the girls and I decided that we needed ice cream. We headed to DQ and bought ice cream and yes, we had it before dinner!  

Oh I almost forgot! Eden will be getting braces at the end of the month! I cried again yesterday as I was told yet again the it is free! The orthodontist is doing this for Eden out of is generosity and love for the orphan. God's love and provision is amazing and I praise his name for this wonderful gift!

The plan right now, Lord willing is to get Mackinley and Kendall in their braces once I get my tax return back! 

I have been looking over our new home school catalog for next year. I love that I can look at a sample of the DVD's for each subject! The other half of my tax return will be used for our homeschooling curriculum! I love the BJU homeschool material. It is a GREAT fit for us.

Last weekend, Kendall spent the day with my sister and they cooked for us. Lots and lots of casseroles for the freezer plus two huge jars of soup! Thanks Bobie for the time with Kendall and for the yummy meals! May God bless you 100 times over that which you have done for us.

Tornado like conditions are in the forecast for much of the state today. I pray that they do not hit in this area or any area for that matter! Praying for God's protection over my home and family!

Until next time . . . I trust you, Jesus!


  1. What wonderful blessings of provision!

  2. Praise the Lord! Not only is this a financial blessing but the girls are seeing how valued and loved they are here!