Sunday, March 23, 2014

Frustrated! (updated)

Frustrated! I have been to the Social Security Office not once but twice and the girls cards still aren't applied for. I am being told that because they were foreign born they have to hold them until they hear that they can process them.

Now, you and I know this isn't right. My girls are US citizens and they deserve their cards and I need to fill my income taxes! This is extremely frustrating as I have to take time off from work with each visit. I pray for a solution to this situation.

I was able to find someone to work for me on Journey's birthday so I had the day off to enjoy with her and the other girls. I made the breakfast of her choice! After breakfast I took the girls to shop for Journey's gifts. 

I left the girls in the movie/book section to pick out their gifts while Journey and I went to the front of the store to pick out a few things. I left Journey in the front of the store to look at jewelry while I went to check on the girls. The girls headed to the car while I paid for the "surprises"!

Kendall and Mackinley wrapped the gifts while Eden and Journey went to the orthodontist. They put stronger wires on Journey's braces and her mouth was sore which made eating her choice of tacos a little challenging!

We celebrated with a family dinner followed by cake and ice cream. The girls picked their own cards, one selected a card for a six year old and another picked a card for her granddaughter. So much for reading the card before purchasing! All the cards were selected for their covers. . .princesses!

One of the newer girls thanked me for "picking" her. She said that she was surprised to be "picked" and that she thought she would never be "picked"! Be still my heart! This child has the sweetest kindest spirit! I told her again how I was drawn to her photo and that I kept coming back to her! I told her that I was sorry that she had to wait so long and that I'm thankful God saved her for me.

In addition to Journey's birthday, an orthodontist visit, the puppies were spade and Mackinley and Eden had dentist appointments! It was a busy week!

I have finished my second week on Isagenix and I feel pretty good. I have lost 8.5 pounds and 11.25 inches. I like these results!

Until next time . . .


  1. Not to brag but here in Texas, I went into the SS office with baby, Certificate of Citizenship, and I can't remember what else and was in and out in less than 1/2 hour. No hassle and we got the SSN in a couple of weeks. I think you are dealing with a bunch of country bumpkins that don't know what they are doing.

    That said, perhaps you can go to another SSN office in a larger city and not in a small town.

    Or call your congressman, etc and ask for assistance.

    Or call a number at the federal level and not in your state and ask how to proceed.

    If you have the Certificate of Citizenship that should be all you need to prove they are US Citizens.

  2. Hi Vicky, We adopted with you in Jiangsu and were on the same flight to GZ. Someone posted a link to your blog on Facebook and I was excited to be able to see how we'll your girls are doing. What great pictures!


  3. The SS problem is happening in many places. The hold is ONLY supposed to be for families who obtained a change of birth date through the courts. Unfortunately there seems to have been a miscommunication with the field offices. Our agency advised that we give this info the the field agent if we encounter any problems, then get the agent's name and report them to our agency if we still aren't successful. Check with your agency to see what their suggested protocol is.