Saturday, March 1, 2014

I love you!

As most of you know I'm over weight, a fact that has plagued me for years and I do mean years! I've tried it all and I loss only to go back to gain it back again over time!

I have watched several adoptive moms lose weight and have decided to join them in attempt to get in better health and drop a few pounds in the process!

My inspiration is Angie: I "borrowed" this photo from that social media site that is so popular, doesn't she look great?

Next week I will be starting the Isagenix 30 day plan and posting a before photo! If you would like to join me on this journey just shoot me an email or leave a comment and I will get back with you and we can work the plan together!

This week we visited the orthodontist twice! Monday for the doctor to look at Eden's mouth one more time, and Thursday morning for the actual appliance application.

Eden was a real trooper. They had to build up her back teeth with glue to keep her from hitting her brackets when she bites. In a few years she will have to have more surgery. I was told she will actually look worse for a while before she looks better! Each step of the journey brings her closer to her goal to have a beautiful smile!

Bonding, tonight one of the newer girls told me that she loved me as I left for work. What a sweet unexpected surprise! One night this week, one of the girls was moved to tears over her special need. She allowed me to cuddle her in my lap as she sobbed! 

Six months ago I was sitting in a hotel room in Nanjing recovering from the long flight and waiting to meet two wonderful girls. Oh the love that has grown in my heart for these girls. I'm thankful!

Until next time . . . I trust you, Jesus!


  1. Isagenix is AMAZING! I've been using it for 23 days and have lost 13 lbs. so far with tons of energy. I feel incredible and decided to sell it as well. Can't wait to hear your results. Go girl!

  2. I can't believe it's already been 6 months. I'm sure you've all grown in many ways. And now I'll pray for you to reach your goal at shrinking in weight. I haven't struggled as much as some with weight. But, I, too, can tell that I need more exercise for my health. So, I'm trying to get back to doing my aerobics. It's because we want to be there for our family. They'll love you for it! So encouraging how the bonding is continuing to build with your girls. God bless you on this journey!

  3. Vicky, this is so great! So glad for you. I highly recommend you read Made to Crave while doing this. It gives you a spiritual direction in your endeavors. It reads light and easy and she is very funny. I'm only on chapter 13 now, but I'm doing all the review you know. I just joined our rec. center and went lap swimming for the first time in years! it was delicious! loved it! AND i love you! - ang

  4. What precious words to hear from our kiddos - "I love you"! Just three words that mean so much to you and to them!

  5. Your girls are beautiful, Vicky. You are so blessed!

  6. Here's to weight loss, health and I love you's :)