Monday, March 10, 2014


Mom went with my sister to Georgia to visit Bobie's son, Justin. That left my dad in charge of the girls this weekend! When we came in Friday night he was cooking them spaghetti! Back to Mom, I'm thankful she was able to go on this little get away!

Saturday morning, sister Robin brought doughnuts for coffee club. I had my water and Isagenix shake! My sisters and dad felt that I looked better after working all night than I had in sometime. They immediately contributed it to my new lifestyle change. I must admit I did not feel as tired.

Saturday afternoon Poppa took the girls out for lunch and for dinner he made them Asian stir fry with chicken. He totally spoiled them! I am thankful for parents that supported my adoptions and embraced the girls as their very own granddaughters!

This morning I weighed just to see what changes were going on in that department. I'm down 5 lbs while that is good, I feel better. I am actually thirsting for water. Yesterday was a cleanse day and I missed one serving of the cleanse powder/drink due to sleep!

Today in day two of the cleanse and I will be more on target with the program. I must admit I was hungry a couple of times, I ate the allowed IsaDelight Plus at two different times and was satisfied! You can have one to two of the IsaDelights and I went with one each time. For those of you that aren't familiar the IsaDelight Plus is a dark chocolate wafer! 

Yesterday evening I made the girls Chinese dumplings. Before dinner they enjoyed time outdoors with the puppies, biking and jumping rope. 

My heart is grieved over the 33 Christians that were murdered by the government in North Korea. I pray for their families, the fellow church members, may their hearts be comforted and their boldness for Christ not waiver during this time of sorrow, grief, and percussion.

Until next time . . . I trust you, Jesus!

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  1. I'm so happy for you, Vicky!! Praying this gives you more energy. You are so amazing with all you do. Praying for the persecuted Christians with you.