Thursday, April 10, 2014

Four girls and praying!

My girls are wonderful gifts from the Lord and I praise his name for allowing me to be their mother. 

Eden is the oldest of the 14 year olds. She has been home for seven months. Eden is an absolute love, a hard working student, and delight to my heart!

Eden born with bilateral cleft lip and palate has had bone graft surgery and braces since coming to the US. She has a long road ahead to full restoration of her sweet smile, yet we are making progress!

Next by age is Kendall Katherine! Kendall comes from the hardest background of all the girls. I praise God that he allowed me to adopt this sweet girl and that she now has an opportunity to learn!

Kendall will be home for 2 years in May! Wow! Kendall loves the puppies and takes great care of them, and she was afraid of dogs when she first came home. Kendall has a caring heart and the gift of helps! It amazes me that someone from such a hard place could love like this child!

The youngest yet tallest of the 14 year olds is Mackinley! Like Eden, Mackinley has been home for 7 months. This change has been hardest for Mackinley!

She is bonding and doing well, yet she has many things that trigger grief! My heart breaks for her during these times. This child born without a left hand is amazing! What she can do far exceeds what she can't do! I love this beautiful child and I'm thankful that she is my forever daughter!

The youngest is Journey, also home for nearly two years. This child is self confident and a natural leader! She is a gifted artist and has many talents!

Journey turned 13 last month! Her favorite color is blue! Journey likes to try and sneak up on me and is always surprised when I see her!

Four girls that didn't know each other yet four girls that God had his eye on! God's ways are perfect and I love how he brought these four together to be sisters and friends!

God has placed another girl on my heart and she is now on the shared list and needs a family! Would you join me in praying that God's perfect will be accomplished for this child and our family? Trusting him to do the impossible once again!

Until next time . . .

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  1. Vicky, You are an amazing woman. You encourage me so much. Hope to meet you someday. Luana