Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to . . . a blog from my heart

We all know that my plate is very full, running over if you will. To be honest right now I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with the how to . . .

I love the girls and totally accept where they are in their development, yet I know they are far from their numerical age. Could I be doing more to help them advance? How to . . . help the girls mature  

I have one child that needs to bond, to let go of the control and trust that I am doing what is right for her. How to . . . help her let go of the fear and past and move forward in a trusting relationship

The good news, I am seeing compassion develop and that for the most part they understand the consequences to their actions

I am beyond blessed with my girls and want the best for them. If you have any suggestions or ideas to help with the above how to concerns please feel free to share.

Until next time . . .


  1. Vicki,
    I am a homeschool mom and a school mom, but I constantly struggle with "how to help this child mature" to be closer to age appropriate. Of course, like you I try to rejoice in the progress I see and be thankful. One thing that has helped her is going to school this year. Perhaps more interaction with children closer to their ages could help. Maybe this summer there will be some art or music camps that could help.
    God bless.

  2. The bonding process definitely does take time. Try to liken it to a plant. It takes a lot of time and nurturing before the plant can grow into maturity. As much as we loving mamas want to see them blossom, we just have to patiently keep watering by our love and prayers, because we just can't force the bud to open before it's ready. When I keep this image in my mind, it helps me to not get too discouraged. Practically speaking, I think one of the best ways to nurture the bonding is to spend as much time together as possible. For example, playing games together, going for bike rides and roller skating together, etc. Those side-by-side activities create the memories that develop the memories and the bonding times. My girl had trouble trusting, too, but now is showing so much more security. Big life changes, like moving and losing her newfound grandpa cause signs of regression. But, I have to believe that it's all part of the larger healing process. God is good! He hears your prayers and will bring about the growth!

  3. You might want to check out this blog-
    She too has 4 girls adopted at older ages and has a lot of godly wisdom about how to parent them. I'm sure you could email her for more specific questions. She is also in the facebook group- parenting with connection- if you arent a part of that group you might want to join- I've found it to be very helpful

  4. No advice, but I am praying for you!