Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Can you believe that Kendall and Journey are approaching their two year anniversary of being home? My amazing girls had their physicals today and each needed an update on their immunizations! Kendall had 5 injections and Journey 3.

While Journey was brave she broke down and shed tears after her injections! My heart broke for her! Kendall handled her's like a champ! I am proud of the girls and their ability to adapt to so many situations over the last two years.

Tomorrow, Mackinley and Eden have their immunization appointments! I'm not sure how many injections they will need! I am amazed at how well these girls are doing. Today has been a great day for Mackinley and I have loved seeing more of her personality. I'm so blessed!

Tonight the girls wrote their Chinese names on the chalkboard along with their English names. The also included the China treasure that we are praying about. Eden and Mackinley told me that they are happy that we are thinking about bringing her home. I took a photo of the board but cannot share it at this time.

Trusting God to love on our possible waiting China girl! God's love and plan for her is second to none! Waiting on his timing and provision!

Until next time . . .


  1. I would have cried BEFORE I got that many shots! What brave girls!! :)

  2. I hate that they give so many shots at the same time! Hope the girls had a great Easter!