Sunday, April 13, 2014


My love for these girls continues to grow with each passing day!

Journey, "Miss Sassy Pants"! 

A natural born leader, a gifted artist, and a focused athlete! 

Last week Journey was not feeling well and came to rest in my bed. It turned into a great bonding moment, another baby step forward! Cuddle time with Journey is always a blessing!

Mackinley, the quiet one!

Mackinley has wonderful penmanship and becomes upset when she doesn't do as well as she expects on her test! She also has a wonderful sense of humor is is fun loving!

While Miss Mackinley has been slower to use her English, she has a wonderful understanding and speaks well when she uses her English words! Mackinley has missed China more than any of the other girls. Her times of grief are usually short lived and she allows me to comfort her. Mackinley comes to welcome me home when I get home from work. A hug I look forward to and treasure!

Kendall, Miss "Worry Wart"

While I do not call Kendall by that title, I do have to constantly assure her that the puppies are okay on the weekends while in the care of the boys. I usually end up calling Gavin to assure Kendall that all is going well with her beloved pups!

Kendall is keenly aware of any change in mood with her sisters or myself. She is quick to let me know if something is wrong. Kendall is aware that she is not in the same place as her sisters and has shed tears about this. I reassure her that I love her exactly the way she is and remind her that she is learning and gaining everyday!

Eden, " Miss Whinny Pants" !

It seems Eden was babied by her foster family! She comes to me with the slightest of scratches, aches and pains! She is getting used to me saying, "you will be fine!"

Eden is caring, loving and helpful! She has a strong desire to please, love and be loved! I have come to enjoy her sweetness and thank God that she is one of my treasures!

As I pray and prepare for the possibility of one more, I thank God for these four wonderful girls and their personalities, likes, strengths and weaknesses!

I am continually amazed at how blessed I am to have such wonderful girls. When I hear about the "issues" some families are having with their older children, I stand back and thank God for my blessings.

Until next time . . .

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  1. I love your sweet thoughts about each daughter. And I pray you hear Gods voice about your next step....