Monday, April 14, 2014

Waiting….God's ways are perfect!

God's ways are perfect and nothing catches him off guard or surprise! While I can only see the here and now, he sees the big picture and what lies ahead!

It is my trust in him that allows me to wait in peace as he works behind the scene to answer the many questions and unknowns of the future.

When taking that leap of faith and trusting God, things do not always go as "I" planned or imagined. Now is one of those times, I put this matter in God's hands and now I must wait for answers.

The girls and I gathered together this afternoon to pray about the news we received. No matter what the outcome we will praise our God for we have put our faith and hope in him. We are trusting Him for his perfect will to be accomplished and in that process we will honor him!

Until next time . . .


  1. Vicky, praying for you and your family about your news.

  2. Hi Vicky
    Just checked in to catch up, and I am not surprised you are considering another-you have such a wonderful mama heart!!
    May He give you perfect peace, and if not this child, perhaps another?
    Keep looking to Him, you are doing a great job
    Love you