Saturday, April 12, 2014

Walking in faith as I take this giant step forward . . .

My heart desires to bring home one more little girl from China! I met this child via her file back when I first started my adoption process. It wasn't God's plan for me to adopt her at that time. 

Now, nearly three years later she still waits and I am again moved with deep compassion for her. I have watched as she has been moved from one agency's list to another and now once again she has been placed on the shared list!

My heart is telling me to go after this baby, she has waited long enough! Oh how I would love to bring this sweet wonderful baby home. Hasn't she waited long enough?

Yes, I know the arguments! I'm single, old, and have a house full of girls now that require a lot of my time and energy. There is the matter of education, clothing, feeding and health care. Am I spreading myself to thin? Perhaps, but when God puts the matter of a child's future on my heart I can only do one thing and that is to respond, Yes Lord, I will go, Yes Lord, I will love this child, and Yes Lord, I will trust you to make a way!

As I pray and trust God, I ask that you would join me in asking and expecting God to provide the needed funds and that if this is truly his perfect plan for this princess the doors will be open.

Until next time. . . trusting!


  1. So excited for you Vicky!! I have watched her for some time now too and never imagined she would have to wait so long. It's all in God's timing and provision!