Thursday, May 1, 2014

News . . .

What an exciting week! Journey, Kendall and Eden prayed and asked Jesus to become their Lord and Savior! This makes my heart soar with delight! I have watched as each girl was drawn to the power of the cross and God's nudges in their sweet lives.

Other news, my blog and email accounts were hacked! It seems that I was in the Ukraine and in need of rescuing! I've changed my passwords and hope the problem has been fixed!

Mackinley and Eden have been assigned social security numbers! Their cards should be here in the next couple of weeks. I am extremely grateful that the delay did not drag out any longer!

Our hearts have been drawn to a little girl in China, that we will call Sawyer. She was on the shared list and we were ready to submit our LOI when she suddenly disappeared from the list. Sweet Sawyer has decided that she doesn't want to be adopted. This child has a right to say she doesn't want to be adopted, yet I question if she truly understands what her future holds if she remains in China without a family.

Our wonderful agency is talking with her orphanage to see if it is just fear or if she really wants to stay in China. We were allowed to send family photos and letters from Mackinely and Eden to her. Now we wait to see if she changes her mind. This is in God's hand and while we trust him, the wait is hard.

We are wrapping up our school year and look forward to finishing up all the loose ends! The girls have worked hard this year and I am extremely proud of them!

Until next time . . . .


  1. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog regularly, but I saw your prayer request first on Linny's precious blog. Praying for this sweet girl. Praise God for your other daughters getting saved. God is good.

    God bless


    Matthew 18:19,20

  2. What exciting news about three of your girls already praying to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And good for Mackinley not to just follow suit out of "sister-pressure". It's good to take the time to contemplate what that commitment means. Praying for her to know when the Lord might be calling her to Himself, too! And praying for Sawyer, that the Lord's will may be done in her life!